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Damaged Concrete is Just Plain Ugly!

Concrete is seen just about everywhere in the Southeast Texas area and is considered an integral material for all types of construction and architectural styles. Although it is strong and durable, it often does not look that attractive in its natural form. Thankfully, there are ways to transform the boring nature of concrete surfaces and turn it into something truly amazing.

Concrete is one of the most durable building materials in the world, but it still can become damaged over time, especially if it has not been adequately maintained. A lack of maintenance leaves concrete exposed to the elements. 

Being a porous material means cracking, spalling (flaking due to excess water in the concrete), and other types of damage can occur. With concrete resurfacing, minor damages can be removed, and then the existing concrete substrate can be sealed, thus effectively protecting its structural stability. Overlaying the concrete surface must be carried out before other decorative treatments are put in place. Resurfacing smooths out the lines and dings that have developed over the years. League City Decorative Concrete provides the resurfacing services home and business owners need to ensure their concrete patios, driveways, pool decks and flooring are more beautiful than ever before.

Our team in the decorative concrete industry also provide CTI Products such as Hallmark, Acrylistain, F-1 Low Odor, Stone Classic, Reflective Flooring, and EuroBond.

Sealed Concrete Protects Its Structural Stability and Beauty

One of the biggest enemies to concrete surfaces is moisture. The pores in concrete allow it to absorb water. When the temperatures begin to fall at or below freezing, the water inside the pores of the concrete starts to expand. When this happens, pressure cracks and other types of damage begin to occur. With concrete sealing, damage is less likely to happen.

Consider the following reasons why sealing concrete is so important.

With the right maintenance, in the form of sealant protection or a type of epoxy coating, concrete can last fifty years or longer. Sealing should be carried out every three years to ensure the right level of protection remains in place.

League City Decorative Concrete uses the most updated concrete coatings, such as the new polyaspartic sealers to ensure all types of concrete applications are always adequately sealed and protected.

Concrete Maintenance

While concrete is generally relatively easy to maintain, proper maintenance extends its life, preserves its appearance and protects investments. Different surfaces require different cleaning techniques. Unlike many restaurants, the floors in our dining rooms have been replaced with polished concrete. Some say that properly polishing the floor will be unique. Is it real This will go on forever. This will allow you to develop an appropriate maintenance plan. If it doesn’t, the concrete will crack and a contractor will be needed.

What repairs does concrete need?

Clean – The main maintenance method, use the first maintenance by quickly removing dirt from the concrete to prevent staining. This includes grass, weeds, stains, oil stains on tires and more. Regular cleaning of concrete floors helps maintain the highest quality.

Such germs and bacteria can be transferred to the pet’s paws and tongue. Dirty concrete does not allow the floor to breathe and can lead to premature deterioration of floors, especially exterior concrete.

We also clean up spills as they happen. For example, remove oil stains by applying a mixture of 1 cup liquid dish soap and 1 cup ammonia. Leave it on for five to 10 minutes until it dissolves, then rinse thoroughly with water. This works best if done as soon as possible after the stain appears, before it dries. Grease – Apply a standard dishwashing liquid (such as Dawn) directly to the grease stain with a brush or rag. Leave it on for a few minutes and then wipe it off.

If the concrete has turned dark brown due to oxidation, use an etching product to remove dirt and restore the concrete’s shine. If you do not have access to these products, we can buy them at any paint or hardware store. The cost is slightly higher than retail.

How often does concrete need maintenance?

For their own safety, companies often use cleaners to clean concrete once or twice a week. Power wash can be done twice a week and once every quarter. For infrequently used concrete floors, electric scrubbing is usually only necessary once a year. Most companies that use hot oil treatment apply it once a month. Some concrete surfaces like B. The kitchen needs daily cleaning and regular washing. If the concrete floor is heated, the fish should be cleaned at least once.

What if it is not specifically maintained?

Concrete, like any other product, deteriorates without proper maintenance. Read this article to learn more about maintaining concrete surfaces. For example, if you don’t clean it immediately, it can last for years and cause major problems. Over time, concrete begins to crack without proper maintenance. Floors need to be thoroughly polished at least once every three months to keep them in good condition.

Do you want to know more about concrete?

It should be noted that we offer several methods and products for the maintenance of concrete. The most common method is to use hot oil and apply a protective sealant twice a month. This is enough to keep the floor in good condition. If you are interested in applying stain removal chemicals, we also offer an opening service called etching and rinsing.

We offer a variety of services to maintain a variety of surfaces. If you have a specific finish or product in mind, please contact us for more information.

Below are examples of tips and tools for servicing specific products.

Crystal Lok™

High strength concrete is permanent on the inside and is an integral part of both the material and the coating. Untreated concrete can be contaminated with gaseous salt, contaminated oil or water. Crystal-LokTM, a concrete repair tool, provides a permanent curing solution that is unique in that it will not evaporate or degrade from friction or contamination. It is a crystalline calcium silicate hydrate, a concrete-like substance.

Avoid the wrong chemicals

Please do not use any chemicals in the concrete. De-icing agents can penetrate seals and damage concrete. Fertilizers can also discolor the concrete, so be sure to remove any excess concrete immediately. Use concrete cleaners for cleaning and other cleaning supplies because some household products can actually damage. Always read product specifications before pouring concrete. Proper concrete care will give you a smooth, durable surface. We offer a wide range of concrete services for your concrete slabs.

Reduce the weight

Concrete is strong and durable, but formwork in apartment buildings cannot accommodate heavy materials. Driveways can easily support heavy equipment such as trucks and mobile trucks, but are not equipped on large vehicles. Place these vehicles on the road and keep heavy equipment away from the driveway so that you can maintain a stable life in concrete.

Know the temperature

Concrete should not be exposed to specific temperatures. If it gets too hot, especially in direct sunlight, the concrete will harden and deteriorate. However, frozen water can cause cracks and cracks on the concrete surface. Make sure the weather conditions are in your area and avoid exposure at all costs. If the concrete is exposed to extreme temperatures, the surface can be replaced as quickly as possible. Make sure you know all the specific rules and regulations in your area.

Wipe off dirt immediately

A concrete cover can also be helpful for the concrete surface, but it’s still best to rinse any dirt or debris off the concrete immediately. If oil gets into the concrete walkway, clean up the oil as soon as possible. This solution prevents color and stain changes and makes the cement look better than before. If the concrete surface is greased or dirty, remove these materials as soon as possible.

Seal the concrete

Not only does this prolong its life, but the concrete on the roof also looks great. There are different ways to seal concrete. High seals are used every few years to remove dirt and grime from the concrete. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to properly seal the concrete. However, you can seal the concrete yourself with products available at your local hardware store.

Clean the concrete

You have to wash the concrete. Clean concrete helps remove dirt and gives the final shape a nice look. Concrete can be cleaned in several ways, depending on your needs. Several solvents and cleaning agents are available for cleaning concrete. However, some of them can actually damage the concrete. We recommend using a neutral detergent that does not contain impurities such as alkalis and acids.

If necessary, wash the concrete with a mild detergent and do not wash it too hard. Concrete cleaning should be done in the spring or autumn to avoid damage from cracks in the concrete during dry or cold weather.

Read the product label description

When purchasing concrete products, read all instructions before use to ensure that the material is used properly. It is important to avoid accidents if you follow the label directions. Also, don’t forget that concrete sealers and cleaners are somewhat different. When using a sealant, it is usually sprayed onto the concrete: when using a cleaner, the concrete is cleaned with water or solvent.


This is a permanent repair that adheres to concrete. MG KreteTM, a concrete repair tool, can perform virtually unlimited concrete repairs, including thick coatings, steps or quick-setting knots. MG-KreetTM is also capable of working with vertical and overhead trowels and cures quickly within hours in all weather conditions.

Permanent repair of asphalt PAR

PAR is a type of concrete repair tool designed to permanently repair asphalt pits in any weather. PAR can also be applied to concrete floors, but IMCO® MG-KRETE® can only be used for emergency repairs.


D-TechTM can be used to compact flooring and permanently seal concrete. Raw concrete has a porous surface. This permanent solution offers excellent resistance to non-abrasive contamination and wear. The application of D-TechTM applies to new or existing concrete substrates.

MG-Krete Concrete Repair Material

  1. COMPONENT MAGNETISM PHOSPHATE COMPOSITE. • Quickly cure. • Outstanding adsorption of condensations. Subzero temperature applications are available (-10c/14°C).

For interior use


Do you have to maintain concrete?

In general, concrete is very durable, with or without repair, and wears very little. Concrete requires proper maintenance, but maintenance can significantly improve the life and beauty of concrete. Smooth concrete looks better than aerated concrete.

When maintaining concrete with or without a cover, these tips will help extend the life of your hallway and keep it looking better for years to come. If your hallway is already showing signs of damage, contact our team today to make the necessary concrete repairs.

Concrete Staining and Painting Beautifully Cover New and Old Concrete

There are many types of stains and paints that allow for the creation of a decorative concrete patio, walkway, floor, or driveway. Painted concrete looks beautiful and is protected against weather exposure that could lead to damage.
With the right paint or stain, there is no peeling, cracking, or scuffing.

Concrete paint is especially beneficial for flooring. Painting concrete surfaces is much more involved than putting a coat of paint on a wall. It takes great skill and precision, primarily when decorative designs are being implemented. For the best results, professionals must carry out concrete surfacing to ensure all minor cracks, dips, and blemishes are covered.

Concrete stains create chemical reactions in porous concrete. These chemical mediums contain hydrochloric acid, water, and a range of acid-soluble metal salts that form stunning looks. Knowing the right mixing ratio and types of metal salts to use is essential for the outcome. What truly makes concrete so unique is the way it absorbs liquids. No two slabs of concrete will ever be the same, even if they are both treated with identical chemical concoctions. Each method of concrete staining yields unique and lasting results.

The coating of concrete is more complex than merely painting concrete or spreading epoxy coatings all over it. Custom concrete coating lends itself beautifully to all types of design implementations. There are many types of tools and techniques that can be used to create eye-catching designs. For instance, with the right painting techniques, one can even create a concrete woodlook. Coatings can be used to create the look of stone, brick, and even lettered designs. There is a plethora of options available to help transform old and outdated concrete into something new.

​Decorative Overlays Conceal Dull Concrete and Make It Shine

An overlay is a resurfacing coating that is applied to concrete. A polymer overlay can be used to revitalize older concrete or create the illusion of other materials, including stone, brick, or even wood. Decorative overlays are a cost-effective choice that many homeowners make when attempting to improve the appearance of their old concrete flooring. With an overlay, there is no need for removing the existing concrete floor or re-pouring a new one.

Overlays are an essential part of concrete craft, which is a pure art form. It takes years of training and an artistic eye to be able to create beautiful works of art from a humdrum material.

Polymer overlays can be used in many ways, including the following:

One of the most significant benefits of using polymer is drying time. Some concrete applications require extended drying times, and this can prevent the space from being used for days. Polymer applications lead to only minimal downtimes, so they are ideal for all types of areas. In some cases, the floor will be traffic-ready within a few hours.

A decorative concrete overlay can completely transform the look of a driveway, walkway, or floor without the significant expense of completely replacing the floor. This application is ideal for home and business owners who have just removed old carpeting, tile, or wood flooring and want to camouflage the aftermath of damage.

​Concrete Garage Floors Need Makeovers Too

A concrete garage floor is often abused daily, especially in commercial garages. Oil, transmission fluid, coolants, and tool drops can all lead to damage. With a garage coating, minor imperfections are out of sight.

Coating a garage floor makes it non-porous, so it will no longer absorb spills that may occur. With an epoxy garage coating, impact damage is less likely to occur because of drops and other accidents.

There are many design options to choose from and garage floors can even be texturized, so slip and falls are no longer so much of a danger. Once a garage coating has been applied properly, it will protect the floor for many years to come.  Modern coatings are now often made of the latest grade of polyaspartic sealers.

This sealant material was first patented in the 1990s and has become an industry-standard material because it can stand up to UV light and does not yellow like some coatings in the past.

Rely on the Professionals for the Best Results

Relying on the professionals at League City Decorative Concrete is simply a smart move that offers many benefits to both home and business owners. Consider the following before jumping into any DIY approach to decorative concrete work.

  • Most people who take a DIY approach to resurfacing, sealing, or painting end up spending more money than they would if they had allowed the pros to take over. Without the right knowledge and tools, these projects can become very expensive. The experts know all the proper steps involved, including the right mixture ratios, drying times, and color matching processes to ensure the result is a beautiful one.

  • When a professional does the work, they typically offer a guarantee on their services. If a home or business owner makes a mistake, there is no one they can go to for help, and they often end up eating the costs.

  • Frequently, property owners end up spending a lot more time than a professional would because they do not know what they are doing. Wasted time is stressful and can be expensive.

Concrete Work Transforms Homes and Businesses

Working with concrete takes knowledge, skill, and the right tools and equipment. Whether the concrete surface is new or old, the right treatments are essential. Concrete that has been decoratively coated and sealed ends up lasting much longer and is less likely to become damaged than concrete that has been left in its normal state. Before work begins on any concrete project, a full inspection should be carried out to determine the stability of the material and what needs to be done to ensure it remains strong and durable. With coating, staining, resurfacing, and overlays, boring concrete can finally be transformed and made to fit beautifully with a home or business’ design scheme.

We also serve the Bay Area, Clear Lake Area, Kemah, Seabrook, Clear Lake Shores and Southeast Harris County.

Concrete Overlay in League City

Your home is important to you, and it’s vital to do everything you can to improve on your current look. There are various things that you want to do around your home, including improving your concrete in your driveway, your garage floor, and more. We offer some various services that can help you get the look and feel you desire, including stamped concrete and concrete overlay. In any case, you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of the service you receive, and our team is here to help you get the results you need. 

While we do offer both stamped concrete and concrete overlay, we know that meeting your needs is the top priority. As such, we aim to provide services that help you bring your creativity to life, but also to ensure you are getting the highest quality service possible.We truly believe concrete overlay is one of the best services you can get because there are numerous benefits you get over stamped concrete. 

With concrete overlay, you can get the following benefits: 

  • A less intrusive job as stamped concrete requires you to lift up the current concrete and lay down fresh materials. You don’t have to do this with concrete overlay as it goes over your existing concrete.
  • The same beautiful patterns and textures that you would typically get with the stamped concrete service.
  • Savings in time and money as it doesn’t take as long to use the overlay material compared to lifting up the existing concrete. 

From start to finish, we aim to provide you the best option possible. Typically, with concrete overlay, all you need is a strong foundation. If the concrete is in significantly declining condition, stamped concrete may be necessary, but with a strong foundation, you can use concrete overlay to get a brand new looking concrete floor. 

At League City Decorative Concrete, we’re ready to provide you with concrete craft skill and overlay whether you need stamped concrete texture or a concrete overlay driveway. Our team of experts is here to help you through the project so you can feel confident every step of the way.

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