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Acrylistain League City

Acrylistain League City – You can now provide your home with the rich, warm look of concrete stain while giving your floors a tough as nails protective coating that will withstand heavy traffic and stains, while keeping its luster for many years. This unique  polymer-based system comes in a number of colors and styles to give you a look that is all your own.

Unlike acid-stained concrete, CTI’s Acrylistain System uses only environmentally friendly products that will not damage cabinets, rails, and other surrounding areas where a unique look as needed. In addition, Acrylistain provides a consistent, color integrated look that is not affected by the chemical makeup of the existing concrete.

The Acrylistain System is perfect for kitchens, playrooms, basements, bathrooms, driveways, patios, pool decks, or foyers.
In addition to its beauty, this product is easier to maintain than tile, wood or other industry standard products. The coating system can be applied over concrete that has cracks, chips, or other defects due to its ability to cover those imperfections and give your floor a brand-new look. Another benefit that you will like is that since there is no grout, it is super-easy to keep clean!

Whether it is the look of brick, slate, marble or flagstone, Acrylistain offers you an option that you want that will better fit in your budget. At League City Decorative Concrete, we know that this CTI system will offer added home value, beauty, superior protection, and easy maintenance at a price you can afford.

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