Reflective Flooring League City

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Reflective Flooring League City

Reflective Flooring League City, one of our CTI products, is made from metallic materials and is tough as nails. It can be kept looking new with simply cleaning and waxing periodically, even in high traffic areas.

There are hundreds of color combinations and looks available to complement any decor. Reflective metallic coatings are versatile enough to provide the elegance of marble, granite, or something truly unique… It can satisfy any taste.

Reflective flooring is chemical resistant. It is perfect for countertops, it can be applied over your existing laminate, or other existing countertops. Your floors can have the dazzling brilliance of marble or granite for less money! The reflective floor provides a seamless, nonporous surface that is impervious to mold or other such buildup. It can be quickly installed with minimal disruption to the rest of the house.

At League City Decorative Concrete, we can install your reflective floors and make your home or business be the envy of all who see it!

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