Metallic Epoxy League City

Metallic Epoxy Floors: As Durable as they are Beautiful

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Metallic Epoxy League City

Metallic Epoxy League City – Wanting the most unique and elite floors on the market? Look no further than Metallic Epoxy services by League City Decorative Concrete. These are top-of-the-line coatings that are two-part epoxy, specially prepared to mix with a brilliant metallic pigment additive.  The metal causes such a stunning shine that everyone who see it will be in awe of its effects.  In fact, less lighting is required because of the reflective qualities of the flooring.
When the floor is finished, it looks as smooth as glass and sparkles with metallic effervescence. It is the metals themselves that are shining so brightly.  The reason that the they are set in a world apart is that these products are ‘exothermic’, meaning that they heat up when mixed and so the colors will swirl and drift together and self-level on their own.

They ‘do their thing’ and so each floor is unique and different. Any color -or combination of colors – wanted are available.  Know that there won’t be any other floor like it in the world!

Not only stunningly beautiful, reflective floors are also very durable and will cover a myriad of problems that might be in the underlying concrete. The preparation, skill and labor involved are more difficult than other floors. It does take several days to install, and the area must be very clean so that not a speck of dirt gets on the floor during the application. If anything lands on it, there will be a radiant affect that sometimes are called ‘comets’ which can add to the ‘wow’ factor. Vacating the premises, or at least the area is required, and there can be no wind or air conditioning on it as it is applied.
Metallic Epoxy is about 1/8 inch thick but looks much deeper. Some people will try to touch it to see if it is a wet, or if they can reach into it.   If it sounds like this is about as exciting as a floor can be, and excitement is a statement that is wanted, then this is definitely the floor of choice.

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